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Schedule this week:
Practice Mon/Thur 6-8:30.
Football Game, Friday: Full Band @ Harrison
*Meet at 5 return 11
Competition, Saturday: Contest @ LaSalle
*Meet at 3 return 9:15

Thank you!
Thank you to everyone that provided snacks and water for the football game against Little Miami. We are still taking sign-ups for upcoming events:
Drinks: cases of bottled water
Snacks: fruits (such as bananas, apples, oranges), snack bags (individually bagged baked goods), granola bars, small chip bags PLEASE TRY TO BRING ONLY NUT-FREE ITEMS
Items can be dropped off at the band room on the day of the event (or earlier, if non-perishable)

Also, thank you to everyone that helped with the props! They are finished and will look great in the show!